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In the beginning was the word

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Robin: total freak



June 25th, 2007

Happy Happy...

Just for you
And many more!
sojurner_truth, you ol' lady you, I miss you.
Coming up last week in July- Du's on me?

June 19th, 2007

Kisses for mama

Robin: total freak
I was inspired to post again when something happened that I want a written record of: my 16 month old daughter learned how to give me kisses. If I ask for a kiss, she'll lean in close and touch her face to my cheek, and then back off and say "kiss!" This happened for the first time last night, and then again today several times, so I know it's not a fluke, and I just wanted to write it down so I could bask in how it felt every time I re-read this, her pure and innocent affection. *happy sigh*

In other news:
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In sum, I'm incredibly blessed, and hope to update at least once a month in the future.

March 30th, 2007

(no subject)

Robin: total freak
Happy Birthday zehera!

*does dance of celebration for you*

January 31st, 2007

Changing Priorities

Robin: total freak
For almost a year now, I've been posting on LJ only sporadically, and spending all of my LJ time reading my flist, and enjoying the stories and art that you post. I've finally decided that I need to winnow my flist to non-fandom friends, so that I don't get sucked into a vortex of reading and instead put my focus where it needs to be for now, on my beautiful Sprog.

I have very much enjoyed all the authors and artists who entertained me and broadened my mind over the years, and am sad to part with so much of my flist, but this is where I am being sifted right now. I wish you all the very best, and thank you for your contributions to the artistic community. Please pray God's blessing on me as I try to be the best mother that I can be.

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December 31st, 2006

Best Spouse Ever

Robin: total freak
Cut for gratuitous bragging
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Sprog's Development

Robin: total freak
A purely delighted post:
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Haven't been on LJ much lately, as it has taken all my efforts to keep up with RL.

So, to update you all on my holidays: Read more...Collapse )

October 11th, 2006

Buffy DVD sale

Robin: total freak
So two years ago when I was ill frequently, Spouse went out and bought me the first four seasons of Buffy:the Vampire Slayer on DVD, so that I'd have something to do. (Isn't he amazing?) Anyway, life is plenty full without TV now, and I'd rather have some cash for the baby, so I'm putting them on the block.

When we got them it was $25 for the first season (12 eps) and $45 for seasons 2, 3 and 4 (24 eps)... I don't know what's current but I figured if I offered them $10 for the first and $20 each for the other three it'd still be a good deal. So I'm offering them here first and if no one posts in a week, I'll eBay them. They are in the original boxes and are in great condition, and of course you'd need to pay postage. I could fit 2 of them in a 2-3 day insured USPS mailer going anywhere in the US for $4.55.
Well, things have been crazy.
Spouse was officially "ranked" today: he's now a LT JG in the Coast Guard. If you don't know what rank that is, don't worry, the only important thing you need to know if you don't know much about the service is that he's going up. *grin* I'm so proud of him.

Friday the 13th is my 30th birthday (Whoo!) and also the day we'll be having Spouses's "Wetting Down" party, a celebration of his ranking. Sunday is Sprog's dedication, and so having all this events in the same week means that out-of-state family are coming down.

Tonight Spouse's parents arrive, Friday my parents do, and Sunday my mother's cousins. Full house. Good thing we moved on base into a house or we'd have no place to put them. As it is both our parent are going to be on air mattresses.

We also have other friends (grep & zehera) who'll be coming down after the fact since they want to celebrate these events but are wisely avoiding the crush, and arrive on the 22nd. (Yay!)

As our pals in Grass Valley have been MIA due to some stresses in their lives: a broken arm, a drug-addicted sister and a family camping trip, we've made arrangements to go see them for Thanksgiving for a chance to catch a breath.

So yeah, nuts. But I love it. The cleaning spree I went on to get things ready for the in-laws helped me accomplish some long-standing tasks, and I've been sticking with my Tae Bo exercise and my daily Bible Study, so I'm definitely feeling human again. 6 Months post-partum and it's all getting a little easier now. God is gracious.

September 28th, 2006

Bwa ha ha!

Robin: total freak
Harlequin Romance goes Manga:

Hat tip to kc_anathema.
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